Minecraft is the topmost played game in sandbox based survival games. 125+ million players are playing Minecraft at a global level and it became a trendsetter in the gaming world. 


Developed and designed by Notch of Mojang, Minecraft gave a new world of adventure to all the gamers around the world.  


With a 3D block-based environment, you need to mine resources to feed, survive and defense. There are no limits thus you can create anything you want and build a new whole world which you own. 


Minecraft has two modes, the first one is survival mode and the other is creative mode. In survival mode, you need to collect resources to feed and survive and be safe from attacks and other dangers. In creative mode, you get unlimited resources, the main purpose of creative mode is to test and create new things.  


Supported platforms 


Minecraft is supported by all the leading operating systems. Windows, android, ios, Linux and java. 

The game has the same look and feels in every OS, just the type of file and availability differ like for windows, the Minecraft can be downloaded from the official website and Microsoft store, while for android and other small devices the app store and play store is the best option to get Minecraft. 




Minecraft has different features that make this game unique and interesting. Unlike other games, in Minecraft, you have the option to upgrade and build your items for use. There is no limit to any kind of shelter or defense. You can make whatever you want. Some of these features are:- 


  • Modification in the visual and audio effects is possible. 
  • There are two modes, survival and creative for different experiences. 
  • Available for all leading operating devices. 
  • Regular updates and additions are possible. 
  • Upgradation of tools and resources to make their effect and power high. 
  • Add ons and advancements can be made with different packages using achievements and advancement settings. 


Installation and setup 


For android 

Installing Minecraft on android devices is easy. 

  • Go to play store and search for Minecraft. 
  • Open the Minecraft download section and select the price button in green color. 
  • Confirm the order and proceed to pay the amount. 
  • If you have Google credit or a gift card, you can use that otherwise you can pay using bank transfer, cards, and payment wallets. 
  • After purchase verification, install the game and the required data from the play store. 
  • After installation, open the game for setup and playing. 



For IOS 

  • For Apple phones and tablets, go to the app store and search for Minecraft. 
  • Click the Minecraft icon and proceed with the payment options. 
  • Pay the required amount with I pay or any card. You can purchase the game with a gift card of equal value too. 
  • After payment, install the game and run it after all the installation and download of necessary data. 



Setup and basics 


Minecraft game starts blank without any preset environment thus before you play, you need to set up the world of Minecraft for you. 

  • Open the Minecraft game on your mobile or tablet. 
  • As you are a new user, login with your Mojang account or a Microsoft account( if available). 
  • After login, click on the play button and a new window will appear for setup. 
  • On the top left, click worlds and enter a new name for the world of Minecraft. You can name it anything. 
  • Select the difficulty level and mode of playing from survival and creative. 
  • Proceed with further screen and controls settings like sensitivity and playing kets, etc. 
  • Confirm and click create. Your new game is now created in Minecraft. 
  • Get a basic idea of controls and you are ready to proceed with Minecraft as a gamer. 



Download Minecraft: