Fortnite Battle Royale is the biggest trendsetter in the competitive gaming category when millions of players joined Fortnite globally. It is a battle game where players fight on an island in solo, groups or teams, and the last one who stands alive wins the game. 


It is a game in which 100 players land on an island through planes and land in different areas. The main aim is to survive as long as possible. With storms and the shrinking of playing or a safe area, at the end, all the players have to fight and kill others to gain weapons, life repair kits, and other necessary items.  




Fortnite is an online game and played at a global level, thus it is equipped with a lot of features that make this game interesting and non  boring. These are:- 


  • Multiplayer option available for the team playing and stronger attacks. 
  • Secure gaming facility which does not allow pairs or teams in solo battles. 
  • Minimal requirements to play the game. 
  • Multi-device linking with one account. 
  • Voice chat facility to communicate with your team members. 
  • HUD customization option for android and ios players. 
  • You can have your personal island to play battle Royale with friends. 


System Requirements and supported platforms 


Fortnite can be played online through Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS I-phone and I-pad. 

 Fortnite is an online game thus the basic system required to play Fortnite is 


3+ GB of ram, Android 8.0 or Mac 12.0 and above and for windows 8 GB of ram and 64-bit operating system of Windows 7/8/10. 


Installation instructions 


For ios 

Fortnite is available on the official app store of apple  

Thus ios users have to install Fortnite from the app store. After installation, you have to log in with your registered e-mail id and start playing. 


For android 

Open the internet and visit and download the Fortnite installer APK to your mobile. From downloads, install the APK to your mobile. Open the app and wait untill the required data downloads. Login with your registered account and start playing 


For windows 

Go to Fortnite website and select the windows option after clicking the play game option. Download the emulator made by Epic games. Once the emulator downloads, login to Fortnite with your registered account and then you can play Fortnite in your computer. 



Basic guide 


Fortnite is an online Battle Game and the main aim is to survive and stand last in the game. For new players, Fortnite Battle Royale is a little hectic in starting thus here are some basic points to follow to survive in Fortnite as long as possible. 

  • Practice makes perfect, so practice shooting with different guns to make your aim and fire quality better. 
  • Collect weapons and create a shelter as soon as possible. 
  • Keep an eye around for enemy alert. 
  • Be silent and always try not to get into enemies’ eyes. 
  • Always stay away from the storms. 
  • Communicate with team members for help when needed. 


Following these basic guidelines will help you survive longer in Fortnite. 

Download Fortnite :